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Commissioned work for Unfold magazine.
A2 sized poster for Amsterdam based electronic music festival 5 DAYS OFF.


Desperate housewives

The stress of finding a babysitter last-minute.

Marketing kids.

About how marketeers manage to target children in supermarkets.

Buy nothing new project

Can you last a month without buying anything new?

Kids who are likely to become criminals

Prevention for kids with brothers or sisters in the criminal circuit.

The deception of home improvement TV

Let's face it, no one can build a house from scratch in 5 days.

Keeping your kids small.

Sleeping in your bed, carrying them everywhere, brushing it's teeth while it can manage these things by itself.

Mommy is in charge

About the shift of roles within the family.

Volunteer Work

Illustration made to accompany an article about volunteer work.

Johannes van Dam

Made for a special about Johannes van Dam in honour of him turning 65.

The End of Sex

Made for ELLE Magazine to go with an article about men preffering porn over actual sex.

The indecisive generation

Made for an article about thirty-somethings who still have no idea what to do with their lives yet.

Critique for the Critics

Made for PS Kunst, part of Dutch newspaper Het Parool.

Weeping Willow

About the kind of woman that falls for needy, greedy and pitiful men.

Nomad's Hotel

Illustration for an excerpt of the new book of Cees Nooteboom. About travelling and spirituality.


To give or not to give... Should parents with overactive children put them on Ritalin or not?

Say no

So many parents nowadays are too busy to raise their children properly, thus creating these little monsters who don't know the word no.

Online dating sites.

About dating online and the corny answers people fill out on their profiles in hopes of finding true love.

London Calling

Illustration made for Unfold Magazine to go with an article about Indie Rock festival London Calling.